Beaches are the new catwalks and really, is there any better place to strut your stuff than on golden sandy beaches with the waves crashing dramatically behind you. In a place with as much sun as Australia you can never have too few cozzies and with some of these amazing upcoming trends in the world of swimwear I’m going to have to work hard to limit myself to just a handful of new additions to my already overflowing collection.
I’ve been known to binge watch old James Bond movies like it’s my job and have even won a halloween fancy dress competition as Honey Ryder in her famous bikini and dagger get up. So imagine my sheer joy when i saw the flood of belted bikinis and swimsuits that are on trend at he moment. The retro feel of this design speaks to the old soul in me and I especially love the way it has been incorporated into one piece designs.
This is a new trend that I at first was a bit skeptical of… I mean buttons on a swim suit? How comfy can that be? However, the more I see them the more I’ve been won over by their somewhat 90’s charm. There is something decidedly folksy about this particular look that makes me want to grab a straw hat and take a pick up truck to the nearest watering hole, the thought of a handsome ranch hand unbuttoning them honest hurt either!
Lemon yellow
This bright and breezy tone is all the rage for the current season swimwear. I love the freshness and vibrancy of this colour palette and the way it makes my tanned skin look. Similarly to the folksy charm of the button toting swimwear the lemon yellow has something of the country feel about it that is highlighted by suits that pair it with white trim or even touches of gingham. It’s not to say that it is a purely cute’ look, I have also seen some exceedingly sharp looking suits that are exceedingly classy and minimalist looking, perhaps whats that I love so much about this look, its versatility cannot be underestimated.
Fruity suits
Continuing the fruity theme, graphic are also big this season, particularly fruit graphics. From pinup style cherries to block prints you could be forgiven for thinking that the eat more fruit brigade had take over swimsuit design! I’ve always been a fan of bold graphics and these fruity designs are no exception!
So what are you waiting for? Grab your cozzie, or like, buy one do these hot new looks and hit the beach, pools side, watering hole or paddling pool!
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