Getting ready for a night out on the towns with my girls I love looking to some of my favourite celebrities for beauty and style inspiration so much so that is probably one of my most visited sites!
Halsey is one of my favourite musicians at the moment and I have been known to listen to her most recent album on repeat to the point where I’m sure I’m in danger of wearing out the digital files! The thing I love most about her is her ability to go from high class, drop dead gorgeous looks to casual, plain and simple chic effortlessly. If I’m channelling her award ceremony looks than I keep my eyes peeled for embellish outfits that have oversized jewels or panels of glitter that can’t help but turn heads.

For more casual affairs I like the tee shirt and jeans look and have been lusting after a cropped knitted hoody that I saw her wear for that perfect blend of comfort and style.

Ashley Graham
The way that Ashley Graham struts her stuff is a marvel to me, the confidence she exudes is such an inspiration and I love the way she blends modern and retro looks. Now this next sentence might sound strange but I have not been able to take my eyes of her ears in recent months! She has a number of well placed piercing that are part of the latest body piercing tend: Constellation piercing s. A constellation piercing is pretty much exactly what is sounds like, a constellation of piercings in and around your ear lobe. I love her delicate studs and earrings that tend to be a feature of these piercings and also love the uniqueness of them. When considering a constellation piercing it is important to go to a trusted piercing artist as it is them who will decide where to place your piercings, so be sure to ask to see examples of their work first!
Normani Kordei
No one does short and sassy quite like Normani Kordei, she has an amazing talent for finding stunning skirts and dresses that pop. She s also quite the mistress of reinvention being able to change up her look from urban chic street wear to rocker babe to graceful red carpet. She embraces body con outfits a way I can only dream of!
With so much inspiration out there I might just have to open another credit card!
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