Once the domain of the BDSM scene late is making its way into the mains term fashion industry and while this sexy look can seem daunting to pull of in real life you may be surprised by how accessible it can be and how well it can fit into your look book of clothes. Celebs like the Jenner sisters have been big proponents of the Latex look as have their big sisters and I am seeing it pop up in many of my favourite stores. I am especially loving these latex looks from Meshki and the fact that there are some amazing Groupon deals available for them doesn’t hurt either!


Latex 101


Common images of latex wear that we see are skin tight cat suits that seem to have been painted on and of course the overly sexual short and low latex dresses that are usually a stalwart of the sexy nurse genre of halloween outfits. The truth is that there are a whole host of latex outfits now available that are much more chic than overtly carnal for you to explore.
Latex is unlike just about every other clothing material out there and does require a certain amount of knowledge and prep work to make it work for you. Most people who try it for the first time comment on the instructions that come with their new outfit. Read these instructions well and if you want to take the plunge with latex then I recommend you get your hands on some talcum powder (purpose made latex powder dressing aids are available but you can also get away with baby powder) and a shining agent to give your outfit that shiny latex look that Kylie Jenner struts so well. The baby powder will help you slip into your outfit; the experts suggest wriggling as being a much more effective approach than trying to pull or tug the outfit on. The shining agent as I have said will give you that trademark shine. There are a wide array of shining products available, look for one that dries quickly so you don’t leave greasy mark on the people tat you hug and be prepared to touch up your outfit throughout the evening if you will be sitting for long periods of time.


Care instructions


Good quality late is an investment and you will want to keep your latex in tip top condition. the golden rules of latex are:
Take off all jewellery before putting on your outfit, latex is incredibly stretchy but can tear surprisingly easy if it gets caught on a sharp object like a bracelet or necklace. Give your fingernails a once over before wiggling into your new outfit to. Use the flat of you palm when putting on and taking off the outfit. If you grab it with your fingertips you increase the chance of tearing not to mention living fingerprint shaped indentations in the latex.
Keep oils away from it! When looking for a shining agent or even lube to help get you into the outfit never, ever use an oil based product. Oil will cause latex to break down so instead you will want to be on the look out for water or silicon based products.
Latex can make you very sweaty so you will want to wash your outfit after use. Gentle soap and luke warm water apple with a soft cloth is the best way to give your outfit a clean before patting dry with a towel and then air drying at rom temperature in a dark spot. Direct sunlight can cause latex to turn white so storing your outfitting a garment bag will help preserve it and keep it looking its best.
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