They say that no outfit is complete without the addition of quality and well thought out accessories, which usually means a belt, some jewellery and perhaps a good bag. Now there is nothing wrong with some quality accessorising, i’m huge fan of it, but for me, shoes are where it is really at! I adore the way shoes can completely change an outfit. For being a fashion fan I have loads of black and neutral outfits so I love to use a pair of shoes to make them pop, they are my equivalent of a blank canvas that really lets my fabulous shoe collection shine! I have three go to places to find unique and interesting shoes:

Pimpos are an expert at trawling the globe fro unique an quirky item that you don’t often see elsewhere and their shoe collection is no exception. Hot Chocolate Designs shoes are created in Venezuela and are the perfect travelling sheen my opinion. They are insanely comfy to wear and you can also wash and dry them practically at the drop of a hat. They have a huge range of designs an also a number of deifier styles including high heels, platforms and sandals. They have realty started stocking Goby, a European brand that is known for their super funky designs and I can’t wait to get my hands on some!
Irregular Choice
The good people at Irregular Choice have received more of my hard earned cash than I care to think about. I first saw a pair of their shoes when I was thirteen and immediately fell in love with their quirky designs. I mean measuring tapes made in to adorable bows, how could I say no!? Their latest offerings include see through heels that contain their own little worlds complete with adorable little critters, its like having a terrarium in your heels. Not content with adding g a microcosm to your heels this range also features the heavily embellished and designs fronts that are a signature of the brand. Irregular Choice has branched out significantly since I first fell in love with them. It used to be that heels were the main stay of this lovely brand but the now offer, flats, boots and even sip not trainers that have done absolutely nothing to help the state of my bank balance.
Atomic Cherry
I have Irregular Choice to thank for turning me onto the joys of spool and kitten heels and that particular obsession lead me down retro rabbit hole that landed my squarely in the Atomic Cherry camp. The 50’s inspired footwear on offer here is ideal for an all black outfit and some bright red lips. Since finding this gem of a shoe retailer I have tried just about all their style sand positively live in their carren shoes when I want a no heel option.
Oh shoes, you really can never have to many pairs!
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